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The Unbelievable Ways Physical Activity Affects Your Sleep

Regular exercise and physical activities provide many health benefits, including improved muscle building, immunity, minimized stress, and good quality sleep.

Exercise can significantly impact moods and cognitive function and even decrease the risk of developing a range of diseases.

Let’s take a look at how exercise and physical activity can improve sleep efficiency.

The Impact of Exercise on Sleep

Exercising provides a range of physical and mental health benefits. This includes the lowered risk of developing diseases like diabetes and cancer, enhanced physical function, and stronger bones and muscles.

Several studies suggest a strong association between sleep and physical activity. According to a research report, moderate-intensity exercises in the evening can promote quality sleep.

Exercises also help certain groups achieve quality sleep; for example, pregnant women who engage in physical activities routinely are less likely to experience post-partum depression or gain weight.

Exercise also enhances sleep indirectly. For example, people who exercise have lower chances of weight gain, which in turn helps them improve symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea.

Although research suggests that adults who have sleeping disorders require certain types of exercises like moderate resistance training and stretching to overcome insomnia symptoms.

The Timing of Exercise

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The timing of the exercise can make a difference in your sleep quality. For example, some people struggle to fall asleep even after working out before bedtime.

This happens because aerobic exercises cause the mind to release endorphins that can generate brain activity which might keep you awake. Exercise can also raise your body’s core temperature, waking you up.

Make sure to exercise at a time when you aren’t close to your bedtime.

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