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Bringing stress to bed often means less sleep efficiency. Many times the stress of an upcoming event such as a project deliverable or travel to a strange place can keep people tossing and turning and running through a list of tasks in their head at night, creating an atmosphere in their brain which is not conducive for sleep. And with less sleep efficiency, some people can be cranky and moody to their family and friends, oblivious to the trail of dead bodies they leave in their destructive path.


Oftentimes stress, and anxiety,  a traumatic life event, PTSD, or other mental health-related problems that contribute to short-term or chronic insomnia. Quality sleep can evade people  for many reasons, and it h negatively impacts their physical and mental health. Without sleep, the brain isn’t getting proper rest, repairing any damaged muscle, and regrowing cells. Shut-eye deprivation also makes people susceptible to heart diseases, weight fluctuations, and mental fatigue.

This is why at A Better Snooze, we prioritize sleep and ensure that our clients get the rest they deserve. Our sleep specialists help clients to achieve optimal sleep without spending hours and hours in psychotherapy, without pain medications, and without enforcing a one-size-fits-all model. A Better Snooze offers the best natural remedies for sleeplessness.


Many doctors and physicians rely on pills and potions when they find someone on the quest for good sleep. Trying to force sleep with medication can make you psychologically and physiologically dependent on them. This is why at A Better Snooze, our sleep experts have mastered numerous natural and holistic remedies to help you heal and fall asleep naturally. Our tried-and-true natural sleep remedies relieves clients of any emotional baggage and helps them get to the main cause that’s disturbing their  sleep so that they can conquer this challenge once and for all.


After you book a free consultation with our sleep specialists, we will thoroughly study and observe your lifestyle and everyday routine. Once we have assessed your routine, we will design a comprehensive and personalized sleep plan with natural remedies and recommendations to improve the quality of your sleep.


Our sleep specialists are Certified Sleep Science Coaches and the therapeutic techniques we employ have been clinically studied in different contexts with consistently great outcomes and no side effects.


Tired of laying awake staring at the ceiling or the alarm clock for hours at a time? Ready to put restless nights behind you? Get in touch with our sleep experts now by booking a free consultation online and removing the obstacles which stand between you and quality sleep.

We Utilize Leading-Edge Research and Treatments to Ensure You’re Sleeping Well

At A Better Snooze, our experienced sleep experts will treat sleep deprivation using the most innovative and leading-edge research and therapeutic techniques. Our therapeutic techniques include Mental and Emotional Release (MER), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and hypnosis.


Ready to relax, de-stress, and get the sleep you deserve? Reach out to us at A Better Snooze and book a free online consultation today to get started.

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