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Ever sit at the computer and read the same paragraph 5 times? Or try hard to focus on a boring afternoon conference call where it sounds like all that is coming out is a bunch of nonsensical gibberish? Or worse yet, make mistakes and have to do the same work twice? People who lack sufficient sleep can take much longer to do tasks due to a lack of concentration and lack of motivation. And people who are sleep deprived are at higher risk for low job performance and on-the-job accidents. This can really spell trouble in jeopardizing safety for some roles.


The brain requires active REM sleep for proper mood regulation and memory consolidation. Without the necessary sleep stages, the brain does not get adequate time to repair any muscle damage and regrow cells. Shut-eye deprivation often leads to several short- and long-term detrimental effects on people’s mental and physical health, which can impact their work performance and relationships.

There are many reasons people suffer from insomnia and irregular sleeping patterns. It can be due to stress,other negative emotions, a traumatic life event, and even lifestyle habits which makes sleep less attainable. This is why at A Better Snooze, our sleep specialists are fully committed to providing people with comprehensive sleep solutions to help them get the sleep that they deserve. Our sleep experts thoroughly study our clients’ lifestyle and sleeping patterns and then work to create a tailored and optimized Blueprint to help them  fall asleep as soon as their  head hits the pillow.


Our sleep plans include personalized recommendations, naturalsleep tips for insomnia, and several natural remedies to help clientseliminate barriers to sleep without medications, so they can wake up feeling energized, and ready to seize the day!  


Once you book a free consultation, our sleep coaches will thoroughly assess your lifestyle, checking for opportunities to optimize your sleep in 4 major areas. You will come away with a customized holistic blueprint designed to  help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.


As a proud member of the Chamber of Commerce and Certified Sleep Science Coaches, CSSC we provide you with recommendations that calm your body down naturally and help any negative emotional baggage leave your body naturally.


Ready to start healing and nurturing yourself with quality sleep? Reach out to us at A Better Snooze today to book a free consultation to get started.

Get Proper Rest and Self-Care with Proven Therapeutic Sleep Techniques

Different people have different sleep requirements. This is why our sleep experts conduct a thorough analysis and focus on those areas of your life that could be disrupting your normal sleeping patterns.


We use the most authentic and innovative sleep technologies, including Mental and Emotional Release (MER), Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), and hypnosis, to help you achieve desired results. With our in-depth clinical knowledge and the foundational understanding of sleepscience, we design appropriate and optimized sleep Blueprints to get you the quality sleep you deserve.


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