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For many, sleep has gone to crap. Really, as a nation, people aren’t sleeping anywhere near as soundly as they did decades ago, before the pervasive introduction of blue light, which surrounds many people throughout the day in their work environment and long into the night as they work on the computer, watch television, or surf the Internet into the hours leading up to bed.


But sleep deprivation is driven by more than bad habits. Anxiety and stress is also leading cause of people’s difficulty sleeping. People who spend all day putting out “fires”, checking emails, and feeling the pressure to be “on” 24/7 are suffering from the effects. They find that work and family take so much time they have no time left for themselves, and they can’t even sleep well because they are so rattled. Others find themselves spending a great deal of time panicking and feeling as if everything in life is broken and needs fixing.

We Use Scientifically Proven Techniques Developed from Thorough Research

What sets us aside from other Sleep Coaches is our integrative approach of Sleep Science with psychology. Our sleep specialists utilize the latest authentic and innovative integrative psychology techniques to induce sleep, including Mental and Emotional Release (MER), Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, and hypnosis. Our sleep experts have deep clinical insight and a foundational understanding of sleeping patterns that have helped our clients to achieve coveted  results.


Ready to give your brain the number of sleep stages that it craves? Reach out to us at A Better Snooze today and book a no-cost Blueprint Planning session! Our sleep specialists are available 24/7 to guide you and provide tailored sleep plans to help you relax and de-stress with quality sleep.


Improve Your Sleep with Our Highly Qualified Sleep Experts

Irregular sleeping patterns can take a toll on people’s mental and physical health. Without proper shut-eye time, they  can have short- and long-term drastic effects that lead to poor work performance, heart diseases, weight fluctuations, and even relationship problems.


This is why at A Better Snooze, we focus on developing a personalized sleep plan that is based on our clients’ lifestyles and individual sleep needs to achieve real, trackable and measurable results. As a Certified Sleep Science Coach, and upstanding member of the Chamber of Commerce, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients get the snooze and rest they deserve.


We thoroughly study our client’s lifestyles by issuing a comprehensive intake assessment to determine how we can work on improving their sleep. Then our adult sleep coach prepares a detailed report that includes personalized recommendations best suited to each client’s  lifestyle. Our sleep coaches are also available online to discuss and make any adjustments or modify the plan as needed. We provide targeted solutions to help our clients break out of their emotional distress and naturally fall sleep and stay asleep.  


We help our clients have a restful sleep without any disruptions throughout the night with natural sleep remedies and optimized sleep programs based on what they require.

Ready to improve your sleep? Book a call today to get a free Sleep Blueprint customized to your lifestyle,  and join the ranks of those who have reclaimed the energy they had in their 20s, installed healthier habits, and dramatically improved their sleep and quality of life. Book your no-obligation call here to get started.

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