what we do

What We Do

We conduct a thorough intake assessment covering 4 major areas of your lifestyle and sleep habits. These assessments are designed to give us a holistic picture of all the areas of your life which could be having a detrimental impact on your sleep quality.

We recognize that no two people are alike; Similarly, sleep needs vary from person to person. Once your assessments are completed, we conduct a thorough analysis to pinpoint areas of opportunity for enhanced sleep quality. We collaborate with you to discuss and further assess these areas of opportunity. We then produce a personalized sleep plan tailored to you and your lifestyle. This entire process ideally happens within the first 2 sessions.

Any MER, hypnosis, or NLP techniques* are typically conducted by the 3rd session with one follow-up session designed to check progress and perform any additional techniques needed to optimize your sleep health. We have also included special bonuses to make achieving sleep health  as easy as possible for you. Our clients are often pleasantly surprised at the discoveries they make about themselves in working with the A Better Snooze approach to sleep. Ready to change your life?

*MER, hypnosis, and NLP techniques not included in online package pricing. 

Pricing for any such techniques will be discussed and quoted. 

Why We Do It

Like many of my clients, I know the frustration of tossing and turning trying to achieve the elusive “good night’s” sleep. I have experienced it firsthand, especially before, during and after stressful life transitions, before an impending work event, before and after the birth of my kids, and any time anxiety has gotten the best of me. I dreaded having to function the next day after a botched night’s sleep-the headaches and dry, burning eyes were enough to make me feel miserable. On top of that, I often had a ferocious appetite which, unbeknownst to me at the time, led me to unhealthy food choices.

I also come from a family of insomniacs, and it was through the combination of my own experiences together with the pain of seeing and hearing of their struggles that I invested many years into researching the answer to quality sleep solutions. And I have packaged all of my learnings up into a perfect package designed to help you eradicate sleep stealers from your life for good!

In addition to creating a personalized sleep plan that puts your needs at the center, I offer a range of techniques, including Mental and Emotional Release, Neurolinguistic Programming, and hypnosis, to help you cut through any negative emotions associated with sleeping, to drastically improve your sleep health quickly!


Our Mission

Helping adults hijack insomnia for a better snooze.